An E-Guide For Craigslist  Sellers

Foolproof Defense

Against The Scammers


The morons, scammers, and outright criminal con-artists aggressively stalk the "For Sale" categories of Craigslist in order to swindle sellers out of their items for sale and owed money.

They may number in the millions, at least one for every seller.

To enhance their schemes they use automated programs, which search craigslist ads 24/7 using custom configurations, regarding Ad categories, locations, and price, etc.

When Ads are found, which match the user's configurations, the programs then automatically respond to the Ads, often exactly repeating the Ad headline, and again using one of the user's customized Craigslist Ad responses.  Often their response is completely inappropriate, because they may ask for, or ignore, information already stated by the seller in the Ad.  This kind of Response is a Good sign that an automated program was used to discover the Ad and that the Responder never actually read the Ad and probably is a scammer looking for an unwary victim.  Such Responders are totally disrespectful of their victim's time, property and money. They game the system in every way possible by lying, cheating, and stealing in order to perpetrate a fraud upon their target victims, which in the worst cases has lead to death of the Seller.

Read more and learn how to defend against any loss of money, property, or the waste of your time in

An E-Guide For Craigslist Sellers. ($2.99)

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